Acoustic music group comprised of husband/wife duo Gwen Olney and Scott Peters, often including other family members and friends!  

Scott is a veteran of the Omaha area music scene, having played in several bands over the past 20 years, including High Heel, One2Go, Bootleg Jukebox, Stackshack, and Roadhouse. Gwen has occasionally sang some background vocals on a song or two in some of these groups, but it wasn't until the pandemic locked them in the house that they discovered that Gwen is a dynamic singer in her own right, and the harmonies between them just seem to fit perfectly. 

Scott's oldest son, Dylan, often joins them and brings a solid groove on the bass, developed through years of playing with his Dad in Bootleg Jukebox, along with a stint in the Marine Corps where he played bass in the jazz and rock Marine bands. 

We play a wide mix of music from the '60s through today.  Scott brings a love of classic rock including Paul Simon, Prince, Tom Petty, Van Morrison, etc., while Gwen is a fan of 90s through today's pop such as Jonas Brothers, Robyn, Lourde, Billy Eilish, and many, many more. We hope to see you at a show or two this summer!